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Mystery Nights

Murder mystery evenings with a difference

LIBRARIANS: We don’t need to tell you that crime fiction simply leaps off the library shelves.

Now you can invite teams of amateur sleuths to YOUR LIBRARY, to test their powers of investigation at a fun evening for crime fans:

A Mystery Nights


We offer a choice of three sizzling scenarios:


The local police’s best investigative minds are agreed about one thing: Luke Weller the sleazy theatre odd-job man had it coming. But days after his murder they’re baffled.


Murder at the health club! Gym instructor Rob Harkness is found dead in his own exercise studio – and everyone has a motive!


The Hon Hector Bonham-Ware is discovered with an ornamental dagger in his neck during a ball at his in-laws’ country house. The question is, who disliked him most?

PIECE together the clues and discover who took a hammer to Luke’s skull, attacked Rob with an exercise weight, or stuck Hector with the paper-knife.

EARN points for every element of the mystery you solve - and points mean prizes


  • CHOOSE the scenario which appeals to you.
  • ARRANGE the venue, with small tables on which teams of participants can lay out the evidence.


Mystery Nights will provide everything except the participants: a host, all the evidence, answer sheets, prizes for the winning team - AND A LOT OF FUN!

  • Your MYSTERY NIGHTS host delivers an initial briefing to set the scene. This takes ten to fifteen minutes.
  • After the briefing, the participants will divide teams of three or four to solve the mystery. Each team receives an Evidence Pack, containing witness statements, letters, cuttings and other items which they examine to work out who committed the murder. Each team will need a table or similar space to enable them to spread out the evidence. This part of the evening takes about an hour. The host remains available, and participants are welcome to ask questions – though the answers may be a little enigmatic!
  • A few minutes before the end of the hour, the host will tell participants that it’s time to decide whodunit, if they haven’t already worked it out. If you are supplying refreshments, this is a good time for a break. Then everyone gathers for the grand denouement, answer sheets at the ready.
  • The host will ask the teams for their solutions to the various parts of the mystery before reading the Confession in which all is revealed. Then s/he will allocate points for correct answers, and the winning team will collect their prizes.

And the COST?

Probably less than you think.

For just £4.00 per participant (minimum per event £80) plus travel costs for venues more than 25 miles from the host’s base, we’ll supply all the above, including the prizes - plus a thrilling murder mystery novel for each participant to take home!

So what next?

Choose a date for your event, with an alternative or two in case your first choice is already taken – our events are always popular. Then give us a call or drop us an e-mail to make the arrangements. In fact, give us a call anyway if you’d like to know more.




The last Mystery Nights murder mystery evening took place at Gawsworth W I in Cheshire. Seven teams of would-be sleuths ploughed through the evidence to find who stuck Hector with the paper knife, and a jolly good time was had by all.



The next Mystery Nights murder mystery evening could take place at a venue near you. To book your own evening, contact us at


WHO took a hammer to Luke the handyman's skull?

WHO stuck Hector the cad with a paper knife?



WHO attacked Rob the gym instructor with an exercise weight?